Drew is a young upcoming drummer from Chino Hills, California. He started his playing at a young age of 4 years old from watching his father play (Andrew Ford) bass all around the world with major artist.

Coming up Drew played in church in the choir with his father and other musicians, he would also occasionally play with his dad on gigs at a young age as well.

He eventually played in high school jazz and marching band and also played in his college pop rock band at Citrus College. Currently you can catch Drew as the drummer for “Young Sparks”, and he is also the drummer for his band “tonightournameis” who will be dropping their first EP late 2020 or earlier 2021.

“I love playing Trexist cymbals, they match my sound perfectly and I can use them for really any genre”. Drew looks forward to continue his career as a musician and his future with the Trexist family.

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