About Us

About us

Turkish Cymbal Manufacturing technique has been in music industry over hundreds of years and the formula still kept in secret.

Trexist Cymbals Company established on April 2010 in Istanbul Turkey and have been operating its own factory by Dogukan Okur; former CEO of Supernatural Cymbals. Since 2019 head office and final touch is being made in Chandler Arizona, USA and delivering all around the world

We are respective traditional handmade Turkish cymbal company but we are not limited to tradition. Past had already been built. We got tradition to help building the future. We are always seeking for new ideas for drummers or how to make our Cymbals better.

We listen to drummers needs and create the sound they are looking for. We are sound sorcerer. That’s why drummers are not just customer, they are family members and pillars of this company. They feed our mind! We feed their soul!

We offer wide verity of sounds, different designs and sizes, dry to trashy, jazz to rock.

We have inspiring drummers who are playing great rolls in educating other drummers and musician to understand what sound they are looking for and passing it on to our factory sorceress to move their wand and make the ideas happen.

Even we characterize drummer’s cymbals by the last touch of their selected logo. We take pride in being able to create custom made cymbals to fit and shape your sound.

What We Do

First Step

Cymbal industry have many different techniques. We use ground furnace system for melting our alloy with coal. Coal contains carbon monoxide which...

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Second Step

Once the alloy get to the point for cast, we take it out of the ground furnace by using special tools and techniques

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Third Step

80 kilo crucible is taken to the cast area and start casting into warm water

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Fourth Step

After the cast, ingots are taken to the Hot Roll mill machine and start rolling until each ingots reaches to its demand sizes

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Fifth Step

After rolling process finishes, each cymbal blanks are displayed into the special wood burn oven and start warming up to the specific temperature...

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Sixth Step

Each raw disks get its own shape by hand hammering to keep the clean sound characteristics. We hammer each cymbal with an average of 3000 hammer...

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Seventh Step

We lathe each cymbal different way considering its own weight and profile shape.  

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