Trexist Cymbal 2-Year Warranty

Trexist cymbals carry a full two-year warranty from date of purchase against manufacturing flaws. Horizontal cracks on the bow or near the bell will be replaced for free.

The following exceptions apply:

  • Due to their design, Ozone/Fx cymbals with effective holes (multiple holes drilled into the cymbal), splash cymbals (cymbals 10 inches or smaller) and big Machine hammered models (sledge hammers) have a 30-day warranty only.
  • Trexist will NOT warrant bell hole cracks and any vertical cracks on cymbal’s edge.
  • A cymbal cannot be replaced if it has been misplayed/abused, dropped, played with excessive force or has pieces broken off.
  • cymbals bought second hand, those used in backlines, those purchased as rentals, or those used in recording studios are not covered under our warranty policy.

NOTE: Trexist requires that all cymbals requesting warranty replacement be returned to us for review. Please note that Trexist can only warranty cymbals purchased from an authorized Trexist dealer or website as only then can we guarantee the original condition of a cymbal purchased. We suggest before purchasing, that you check with the retailer/headquarter directly to make sure you’ve purchased them from an authorized dealer.

Trexist Cymbals USA LLC

5202 W Juniper Way N

Chandler Arizona 85226

1(786) 427-4634

Preparing a Return:

Please enclose a copy of your original purchase receipt with your cymbal return, as this is vital in proving the cymbal warranty period.

Please package your broken cymbal in a clean box from your local Post Office or UPS Store. Cymbals returned in anything other than clean packing may be returned to sender unopened. It is the customers responsibility to ensure cymbals shipped and to make sure they arrive at Trexist for warranty coverage.

Please allow 6-8 weeks for your replacement cymbal to be processed and shipped back to you.