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Limelight Trexist Cymbals USA

Limelight series Cymbals are raw bell and traditional lathing through edge.

Dazzle Trexist Cymbal USA

Dazzle Series have fast dikey crispy sound with great explosions and high overtones.

Evo Thunder Trexist Cymbal USA

It has smooth lathing and sledge hammers on top to give more aggressive and trashy sound

Church Pack I

Church Pack II

Church Pack III

Galaxy FX Trexist Cymbals USA

Galaxy FX ( Super Trashy and fast attack cymbals with long sustain and short decay cut)

Aura FX Trexist Cymbals USA

Aura FX (medium trashy long sustain and high pitch cymbals)

GT Cross FX (effect chinas only with trashy high pitch and profile)

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