David Berberena
David Berberena

David Berberena was Born and Raised in the city of many great musicians, in the concrete jungle of New York. Even as a child, David loved music and drumming, from playing on pots and pans to destroying pencils and annoying his teachers in school. Having Christian Parents, his passion for drumming and music Developed in Church. Along the way he was exposed to many of NY finest musicians. One being David Soto, another well known Latin-American Drummer from NYC. Soto mentored teenage David and brought him into his band “Zion Community Choir”.
As David progressed he began playing for other christian bands in the City. After moving to the Ocean State, Rhode Island, David began playing and recording for christian bands and artists in New England. David is now also mentoring musicians and artists just as he was. He is currently producing online drum videos and recording with christian artists Adonis De Leon and Isaiel “Izzy” Rodriguez.

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