Travis Young

Artist Details

  • Artist: Sergio Acedo
  • Since: Sept, 2015
  • Style: Rock

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The musical career of Travis "2 Tall" Young began in 2003. In his early years of grade school Travis decided to join the concert band. Reflecting on the beginning, "I had a strong urge to play the drums, so I followed my intuition. Little did I know it would lead me to where I am today." As he continued into his latter years of grade school, Travis continued to expand his musical niche by leading the concert and marching band as the drum captain. Travis performed in venues for competitions and took a trip around the world to perform on the Great Wall of China. After the conclusion of grade school, Travis realized that there was something missing. He didn't have the routine of incorporating music into his daily life through band. Travis’s mother bought him his first drum set in 2010. Travis notes, "I owe it all to my mother for being such a positive role model and encouraging me to continue with my music whole heartedly." Through the years after grade school Travis played in different genres of music until he found his own sound. Travis has settled in to two different bands Ajeva (2012) and TRC (2013) which he brings his own touch of funk based, Latin, dance rhythms that will keep you grooving all night. When asked what music means to Travis he states that, "Music is a universal language. It has been given to us as a gift to help heal our people and this earth. I strive to make positive music that will uplift our people and bring us together as one"