Tony Martuccelli

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  • Artist:
  • Tony Martuccelli
  • Since: July, 2014
  • Style: Jazz

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Tony Martuccelli, was born in the Theano 20/03/1979. He began studying the instrument at age 14 under the guidance of Gino Gargiulo. He graduated in 1999 as a commercial expert decides to enroll at the University of Rome where he studied music with Gianni di Rienzo (coordination jazz) Maurizio Boco (Technical and Coordination) Michell Audissò (music On InSim) From 2001 he began to study with M . Ettore Mancini taking lessons for about three years, following in-depth courses in parallel with the stylistic M. Maurizio Dei Lazzaretti and M. Augustine Marangolo. A fundamental part of its activity is teaching. Considered among the best drum teachers in Italy has taught in many schools bells, professional choice for currently only teaches at their school life rhythm is located in Roccamonfina, ten years represents a point reference to the teaching of the battery to the center of the south. He holds a number of clinics in schools and shops. Very active in pop music and has played with Gepy Gepy, Lalla France, Tonino Best, Bruno Cuomo, Stefano Sani, Christian, Luca Sepe, Tony Tammaro, Aleandro Baldi.