Stevion Haynes

Artist Details

  • Artist: Stevion Haynes
  • Since: May, 2014
  • Style: Gospel, Jazz

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Funk, Rhythm and Blues, Jazz, Gospel and Fusion best describes Stevion Haynes. Hi energy and personality exudes from his persona. He discovered his love and began drumming at the age of 9 . He grew up in the Central Texas area known as Killeen, Tx playing in church and hasn’t looked back since. His deeply rooted love for Christ can be heard and felt through his passionate playing as he currently serves and plays for Destiny World Outreach Center. Stevion is the founder of the hottest cover bands in Central Texas, Distinguished Soundz. He has shared the stage with many gospel artists from Freddy Rodriguez to Israel Houghton. As a computer networking major at the University of North Texas, Stevion was intrigued with the jazz scene on campus. He immediately engulfed himself in it. Quite naturally his influences in all genres are heard distinctly in his play today. Stevion has traveled with many groups/ bands throughout the U.S. spreading the message of hope and love through music. Currently a member of the hip-hop gospel fusion band P.H.A.M., Stevion continues to record as a studio session player and live musician. No matter the cost Stevion faithfully serves his wife, Valencia Haynes along with their 3 girls. Stevion Haynes