Scott Pearson

Artist Details

  • Artist: Scott Pearson
  • Since: June, 2014
  • Style: Rock

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Minnesota born drummer Scott Pearson first started playing drums at age 9. Coming from a very musical family, drums were the only instrument not covered by one of his family members. His Father had bought a kick and snare drum at an auction sale, but that wasn’t enough for Scott. Two ice cream buckets and a five gallon pail later, his first drum kit was complete. By age 14 Scott had upgraded to blue sparkle Ludwig’s and was playing every weekend in various local acts, always accompanied by Mom & Dad who would seize the opportunity to work on their dance moves. At 17, Scott had reached full-time musician status, playing five to six nights a week. As a junior in high school, his parents said as along as his grades didn’t su”er, he could play. After working in a music store for five years and teaching drums as an adjunct faculty member at Moorhead State University, Scott landed a job with Midwest phenom “The Johnny Holm Band”. Fast forward twenty one years, yes twenty one years, Scott still quarterbacks The Johnny Holm drum chair. Playing around 180 shows a year, The Johnny Holm Band keeps Scott busy playing in the five state upper Midwest regions. Even with that, the married, father of three, still finds time to teach some private lessons and has occasional session work at Skyland Studios, luckily 10 minutes from his house. Scott is proud to be a member of the Trexist Cymbal Family and also endorses Ayotte Drums.