Nathan Haines

Artist Details

  • Artist: Nathan Haines
  • Since: Sept, 2014
  • Style: Rock & Fusion

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Nathan started playing drums around the age of 13, while living in the western suburbs of Chicago, Il. What started as a hobby with friends quickly grew into an obsession, and now a career. Drummers like Carter Beauford, Stewart Copeland, Kris Myers, and Dave Grohl were some of the first to inspire Nathans style and work ethic. Nathan attended college at Northern Arizona University where he studied with great local players, making a name for himself in the local scene. Shortly after graduation he relocated to San Diego, CA. to pursue a full time music career. Thus far Nathan has been in 18 bands, performed on 4 records, and toured the United States, currently averaging over 100 shows per year with his current band Brothers Gow. Brothers Gow is in many ways a "drummers paradise" where improvisation and genre crossing allow for a wilderness of rhythmic opportunity. Nathan has also co-founded along with his band-mates, The Brothers Gow Music Foundation, a non-profit that raises money to provide instruments in elementary schools across San Diego. Teaching has also been a passion amid performance, which has taken on a life of its own. When Nathan is not around the drum set he enjoys surfing, swimming, cooking for family and friends, and exploring the amazing city of San Diego. Nathan is currently studying under the Grammy Award winning drummer Bill Ray, and strongly believes there is always room for improvement as a drummer - and a person.