Marc Dixon

Artist Details

  • Artist:Marc Dixon
  • Since: May, 2014
  • Style: Rock and Roll, Jazz, Funk

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Drummer, Marc Dixon, was born in 1984 in Flint, Michigan. At age two Marc would enjoy his father’s 50’s Rock and Roll band and focused all of his attention on the drummer. Using boxes and kitchen items, Marc banged out a beat until his parents had no other choice than to buy him his own drum kit. By the age of ten, Marc had taken over the drumming position in his father’s band. He then started a group of his own with his brother playing bass guitar.

Since graduating from high school in 2002, Marc has performed full shows with over 30 artists and bands of varying genres. These groups include The Massey Trio (jazz/hip-hop) and The Steelheads(Caribbean/jazz, steel drum band) Marc’s decision to become a professional drummer occurred in January, 2007. After receiving a call from fellow Supernatural endorsee Justin Headley, Marc accepted the opportunity to tour with Harper and Mid West Kind. During his five years with Harper, Marc performed 300 shows yearly in over 40 states and 6 countries playing “the blues”.

In January, 2012 Marc received a call from the group Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son. He joined this up- and -coming group for their live tours as well as Nashville recording sessions. Marc has been involved in a 3 song EP and a 13 song LP with Nashville producer Jimmy Dulin. Gearing up for the second full length album with Small Town Son, Marc is “geeked” about his future and that of the band.

While touring over 200 shows a year with Kris Hitchcock and Small Town Son, as time permits,Marc enjoys performing with various bands playing an assortment of genres. This has enabled Marc to relate to the students he teaches privately the concept of adapting their drumming by “using your ears” . Marc considers drumming his life’s work and prides himself on specializing in funk/pocket grooves.