Marcus Douglas

Artist Details

  • Artist: Marcus Douglas
  • Since: October, 2014
  • Style: Jazz & Funk

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Marcus has always marched to the beat of a different drum…the drum was probably his own and played the music that he heard in his head. Born the son of Rev. Major L. Douglas, Jr. and Thelma Douglas, Marcus was raised in the church and started playing drums at an early age. Even though his dad often told him he was playing “too loud!” Marcus never gave up on his dreams. Marcus continued to play the drums for anyone who would listen. Marcus has experienced playing a variety of genres of music, from Jazz with Rayse Biggs and his band Collective Peace, to Funk with “Amp” Fiddler, Soul with Alonzo Ferguson, Neo-Soul with Dwele, Gospel with Chayil Chanda and the list goes on. A self-taught musician, Marcus has been mentored by many drummers in the Metro-Detroit area and continues to glean from musicians doing what they do best. Marcus is most influenced by the drumming techniques and styles of Teddy Campbell, Chris Dave, Calvin Rodgers and Robert “Sput” Searight. When asked’ “If you could attend a master class taught by any drummer, who would that be?” Marcus replied “Chris Coleman.” If you ever hang out with Marcus for any length of time you will experience his carefree attitude, love of a good joke (even if he is the punch line) and the deep love he has for his wife and children.