Liz Say

I’m Liz Say. I officially started playing drums at age 11. I am from the Bay area, Sonoma County, California. I played in concert and marching band throughout my school years. I found the freedom and love of heavy metal music for as long as I can remember. I have had basic drum lessons in my younger years, but I have a gift of learning and playing by ear. I am currently playing drums for the long time Bay area thrash metal band Skitzo, and the Bay area Black Sabbath tribute band Electric Funeral. I have a handful of studio recordings from past bands. My favorite is a full length called Outspoken from my first metal band Outrage. There are many live performance videos on the internet with me playing with Skitzo and Electric Funeral. Earlier in 2017, I had the pleasure of drumming in a music video for a band called Jans Doliv. The song is titled Into the storm. I have had to take breaks from drumming throughout the years due to life changes and struggles, but I’m back doing what I love.