Kenny Sutton

Artist Details

  • Artist: Kenny Sutton
  • Since: January, 2015
  • Style: Rock

I'm Kenny Sutton: A drummer from Erie Pennsylvania. I'v been drumming most of my 24 years with a grand total of 20 years behind a drum set.

Currently I am in three bands; DisgraceD is the band I have been with the longest for 8 years, my second longest band is Chaos Reigns, that's going on 3 years. And I'v been in my most recent band,Slaughter in The Meridian, for less then a year. In the past I also played for Anti-Atom, leech and ThunderGun Express. I am also working as a drummer for hire for all bands in need of my temporary services. Disgraced has opened for various national acts. Some of the largest being; Mushroomhead, Powermann 5000, Sepultura, DevilDriver,Fear Factory, and many more.

When drumming i love to put on a show; I'm in it for the crowd and my fans.