Justin Headley

Artist Details

  • Artist: Justin Headley
  • Since: May, 2014
  • Style: Blues,Rock

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Justin Headley of Flint, MI started playing drums at the age of 6 and has been a member of multiple acts and projects since he was 12. Drumming has not only been a pastime or even a job for him, but a fulfilling life he has been proud to live. Headley grew up in Flint playing drums with various Blues, Rock, and R&B bands, performing local and regional shows, eventually leaving Flint and traveling all over the world. Headley has played in what he estimates as hundreds of projects and has shared the stage with some famous names such as Tommy Talton, WAR, Coco Montoya and many others. Justin has done countless U.S. tours, and various International tours. He is currently the drummer of two well-regarded projects, playing for Bill Wharton, the Sauce Boss and a talented Pensacola-based band named Fatty Waters. Bill Wharton, the “Sauce Boss,” brings southern culture to the stage by playing music while simultaneously cooking Cajun-style cuisine on stage. Headley tours with Wharton performing about 125 shows a year. Fatty Waters, a four-piece rock and roll band, The band was formed as an outlet for Pensacola-based power talents to get together and the music they want to play and write without any limitations. Supernatural cymbals and Regal Tip drumsticks have also endorsed Headley. He showcases their products at the events in which he plays. However, he doesn’t only produce good music people want to hear, nor does he do it for the fame. He does it to inspire people. In fact, when he and other band members aren’t on tour, they play at local homeless shelters and veteran’s homes. Headley said the fans in the audience encourage him. Every time he plays a show, he finds the fans that are really getting into the music. They keep him energized. They keep him going. If he ever tires, he looks at the energy they have and it refreshes him to see that the music inspires them. He needs only to draw from the energy of the crowd.