Justin Dudra

Artist Details

  • Artist: Justin Dudra
  • Since: July, 2014
  • Style: Metal

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Justin Dudra is a Western Pennsylvania native drummer who’s been playing since 1991 at the age of 10. Justin started off with learning the basic rudiments only on a snare drum, and soon moved on to a drum kit where he took three years of drums lessons from well known local drummer Val DaPra. In this time he learned the basic fundamentals of Jazz, Rock, Funk, African Rhythms, Blues and Latin. It was these basic elements that helped Justin form himself into what he became later on in life. Although heavy metal is his main genre of music, he has incorporated some of those lessons learned early on into his playing. His playing style isn’t your typical metal drumming, but has groovier elements to his style which makes him versatile in being able to play with just about any band out there. Some of his favorite drummers are Matt Sourm, John Bonham, Buddy Rich, Brian Blade, Gene Hoglan, Paul Bostaph, Mikkey Dee, and Mike Mangini just to name a few. It’s always been drummers like these that have inspired Justin to work hard to be the best he could be and always believed that music is something that moves and inspires people. Knowing how to use your instrument to make that happen is a real gift to have. Music is the one thing most people can relate to, and it brings people together from all walks of life. Justin is known in different parts of the world from his former band Torture-originally from El Passo,TX- who had their album Storm Alert re-released by Escapi Music in 2006 with the help of Grammy Award Winning producer Neil Kernon (Cannibal Corpse, Nile, Queensryche, Kansas, Judas Priest). Storm Alert was released throughout North America, Europe, Australia and Japan. He has been in countless magazines such as Kerrang, Unrestrained, BAST, Brave Words & Bloody Knuckles… Torture was also featured on Comcast’s heavy metal music channel in 2006.