Jason Wright

Artist Details

  • Artist: Jason Wright
  • Since: June, 2014
  • Style: Hip Hop & Gospel

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Jason J. Wright was born and raised in Oakland CA. He is a biological relative of the musically world renowned Hawkins Family. From a very young age Jason was exposed and participated in the opulent and professional music scene. He is privileged to have an extensive career as a drummer that transcends multi genres. Jason’s love and appreciation for music began in the church. Even though his musical roots stem from gospel, he is not limited to gospel genre. Jason has also mastered the musical styles of jazz, rhythm & blues, hip-hop and pop. His church experience afforded Jason the opportunity to play in a band setting with a live audience and helped prepare him for gigs he would find years later as a professional drummer. Jason’s versatility as an exquisite melodious drummer comes from his many experiences of playing along with recorded music, live sessions/recordings/seminars and theatrical performances. Jason has worked with an extensive list of artists such as Bell Biv Devoe, En Vogue, Too Short, French Montana, Dave Hollister, Progeny, The Hawkins Family and Kim Burrell just to name a few. He has appeared on TV shows: The View, A&E Private Session and TV1 presents the Essence Music Festival. Jason credits his drumming style to the musical influences of Calvin Rodgers, Joel Smith, Will Kennedy. Vinny Colauita, Virgil Donati and Dennis Chambers.