Howard “FunkyFoot” Brooks

Howard "Funkyfoot" Brooks is one of Baltimore's funkiest pocket drummers. He studied at The Baltimore School for the Arts and Kohn Music School in W.Germany. He had many influences from his talented musical family to local heros such as Dennis Chambers, Larry Bright, George Gray, and Greg Grainger . Funkyfoot found his voice and hasn't turned back. His pocket of funky melodic grooves and presences sets him apart.Touring in Germany with Jazz/Funk band Private Club, which he founded, only fueled his passion. He returned back to Baltimore only to perform with The Morgan State Choir at The Lincoln Center with the legendary Harry Belafonte. Later he performed and shared the stage with Erykah Badu, Groove Stu, Julius Bloom, Laughing Colors, Soft Tones, Freddie Jackson, Tony Terry, Ashford & Simpson, Bobby Womack,The Whispers, Kevin Walker's Jazz Chronicles, Kim Burrell, Marvin Sapp, 2nd Avent, Kim Waters, Kindred the Family Soul, Down to the Bone, Levert, Phase II, Tyris, Mint Condition, Darcy Dawn & Co.,Craig Alston Jazz Syndicate, Michael Miller Project, Eddie Baccus, Jr., Marc Evans, KadeJah Oni, Basement Boys Studio, Dawold Said, Kevin Jackson, Ed Botts, Eugene Chapman, Wake Campbell, Kevin Howard, Fake Flowers Real Dirt, Debbie Kirkland, Yvonne Johnson, and Funkyfoot's project Cafe Red. His genres of music is Funk, Jazz, Fusion, Neo Soul, Hip- Hop,Go-Go,House,and R&B. He's been a session, concert and touring drummer for over 20 years and has set the role of Musical Director on various projects.