Gianpaolo Feola

Artist Details

  • Artist: Gianpaolo Feola
  • Since: July, 2014
  • Style: Blues

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Gianpaolo Feola, energy and explosive drummer from the office so that Carvin Jones declared "has Brought tremendous energy and excitement to Carvin's show" (brought tremendous energy and excitement to the show Carvin); he has played with many famous bands throughout Italy and is characterized by its complete versatility that allows it to expand in all areas of music ... but it's the blues that flows in his veins! Since 2006 he is the drummer of irreplaceable Carvin Jones with whom he played in the most important international festivals of blues: the "Bejar Blues Festival" in Spain, "Warrenpoint Blues Festival" in Ireland, "Gouvy Jazz and Blues Festival Ferme Madelonne" in Belgium, "Nix Blues Festival" in Holland, the "Santa Maria Blues" in Portugal, the "Magic Blues" and "blues'n'jazz Festival" in Rapperswil in Switzerland. He has worked with Carvin Jones, Wishbone Ash, Andrea Braido, Nathaniel Peterson, Ten Years After, Walter Trout, Johnny Winter .... In March of 2008 with the Carvin Jones Band played in America, where he recorded in Phoenix (Arizona) the last disc of the famous Texan guitarist and in July 2011 he plays in Iraq and Kuwait for U.S. military troops. In August 2013 the disc was recorded in Spain Carvin Jones "Victory is mine". Always in 2013 on tour in Sweden and Norway has partnered with the historic harmonica player Kim Wilson (harmonica player for Muddy Waters, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimmie Vaughan and other great blues man). In the month of November 2013 tour of France: Nice, Montpellier and Paris. In February, for the presentation of the new album draws on tour in Germany, the Netherlands, Austria and Denmark. As of March and 'busy with the tour novo carvin jones band in several European countries as Austria, Switzerland, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Ibiza, Poland, etc ... to display the next tour go on the site