Erick Rhamnusia

Artist Details

  • Artist: Erick Rhamnusia
  • Since: January, 2015
  • Style: Rock

Erick started his journey in the drums world in April 1994 at the age of 14, he took drums lessons with the local drummer Ronaldo "Melão" and in 1995 he became a student of the great Pascoal Meirelles, one of the most influent drummers in Brazil. In 1998 he studied snare drum in Villa-Lobos Conservatory with Guilherme Gonçalves and in 2000, after finish the Villa-Lobos Conservatory regular course, he continued studying drums with Guilherme. Nowadays Erick study snare drum with John Grant.

In 1997 Erick started teach too. He taught drums, musical theory, rhythmic reading and snare drum at CMAA - Centro Musical Antônio Adolfo (Rio de Janeiro), AMBRA - Associação dos músicos militares do Brasil (Rio de Janeiro), Allegreto (Maricá) and Studio Novo Rumo (Maricá).

Since 1994 Erick played in a lot of bands in different styles. Now he plays as the house drummer for the Igreja Plena (a church located in Rio de Janeiro), plays with Hédio Jandre (a famous gospel singer in Brazil) and plays at Death Rider (a Brazilian metal band, to release the upcoming new record in 2015).