Eli Perez

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  • Artist: Eli Perez
  • Since: Oct, 2014
  • Style: Gospel

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My main styles are Gospel, Latin, and Jazz. I am an independent drummer, and I've been playing for eight years now. Music has always run in my family, as my father and his brothers were natural drummers, he has passed it down to me. I first took interest in the drums when I would see my brother play, and the drummer at my home church play. Currently I have been the drummer for Apostolic Bible Learning Center in Hollister California for the past two years. I've played at many services for Men's camps, District services, Youth services, weddings, revivals, men's conferences and sector services throughout central California. My musical influences are Calvin Rodgers, Chris Coleman,Thomas Pridgen, Travis Orbin, and Mike Johnston. I was lucky enough to have a very supportive mother who convinced me to join the band at my high school in Salinas California.There were many challenges as I hadn't any prior knowledge of music theory, notation, or how to count when first joining the band. I'm very grateful for having Josh Mack as my director and Victor Marquez as my percussion instructor. There was an even deeper love that grew inside of me for music the more I learned how to read and understand music. It became a second language to me and I stuck to it ever since.