Derrick S. L. Jones

Artist Details

  • Artist: Derrick Jones
  • Since: Sept, 2014
  • Style: Gospel,

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Derrick Jones is a musician, songwriter, composer. He started playing the drums at the age of 3. Derrick’s musical background is rooted in the church, as he is a PK (Pastor Kid) his love of music and his development into a sought after drummer started and still is in the church. Derrick is currently the Music Director at his church and also plays drums for several other churches throughout the city regularly. Derrick was quick to embrace music as his calling and to jump into it with both feet. By thirteen, he was already a sought after drummer and performed with many older peers at church. He has had the awesome privilege of playing for several of gospels greatest. In 2008 he accompanied Gospel Recording Artist Bishop Paul S. Morton, and in 2011 he played with Gospel Recording Artist Jonathan Nelson. While gospel is and will always be his passion his musical expertise has not been limited to the gospel industry, in 2011 he started performing with Rap recording artist Jesse James and made a recording with Paul Lowe Jr. and i95. He is the Musical Director for a new and upcoming female gospel group Sistah’s Singing 4 Christ. Derrick has performed with many bands in local clubs around the state of Rhode Island, to name a few Monique Roberts and Mike Rollins. In 2012 he started playing and recording with R&B Artist Blu Cantrell. In his most recent musical accomplishment he joined the Harlem Gospel Choir and is currently touring with them throughout the United States and abroad. When Derrick plays it allows one to taste the celebration of worship, and the intimacy of worship at the same time. Starting at such a young age, Derrick was inspired to write from his personal experience and worshipful encounters with God, and the events around him. Derrick’s love for music goes beyond performing; he is also passionate about teaching others and developing hidden talent. Derrick continues to be amazed about the things God is doing for him and through him and looks forward with anticipation and humbleness for what the future holds for him.