Darrin Thomas

Artist Details

  • Artist: DarrinThomas
  • Since: June, 2014
  • Style: Jazz & Country

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Darrin was introduced to the world of percussion by his Uncle Henry Thomas Boney at the age of 7. It’s was at the age of 12 when he switched from trumpet and made the commitment to focus on the drums. It was at that point, Darrin began to receive special tutoring from some of The Bay Area’s finest drummers such as, jazz drummer/vibraphonist/mentor Bill Jackson, Anthony King, San Francisco jazz pioneer and Monterey Jazz Festival clinician Vince Latiano, Andy Weis, Russ Tincher and many others veterans from the Bay Area. In 1988 at the age of 17, Darrin was inducted into the Monterey Jazz Festival All-Star Jazz Big Band in which he toured Japan. He was the first out of the Monterey Bay Area to achieve that honor and since then, a slew of local talent has be a part of that prestigious organization. Darrin is considered a pioneer for the local youth jazz movement in the Monterey Bay Area. He has received scholarships Berkelee School of Music in Boston and to University of Nevada-Reno where he was 1st Chair Jazz Drummer, center snare in the Wolf Pack Marching Band and principal percussionist in the Symphonic Orchestra. He was inducted into the Who’s Who in American Music 1988 addition, M.E.N.C National Marching Band (Fiesta Bowl participant), NAACP Act-So West Coast representative, and 1988 Reno International Jazz Festival solo competition Champion, one of the only musicians to ever receive a perfect score of all 1’st in the history of the jazz festival. Darrin has taught music at The Stevenson School, one of the elite private schools in the country at Pebble Beach, CA. He has been a mentor to many young drummers/producers and has continued to be and pillar of the music education community in the Monterey Bay Area.