Cameron “Datboycam” Hodges

Cameron "Datboycam" Hodges was born on January 2,1990 in St. Petersburg, FL but currently living in Salt Lake City, Utah. Cameron began playing drums in church at the age of 8 years old he didn't want to do anything else in church at the time. While always being known as the Pastor's Son who plays drums and basketball. Cameron started playing outside of church around the age of 17 and from there got the opportunity to play for various artists and events, including the 2002 Olympus in Salt Lake City, numerous party bands such as NBO The Number Ones and changing lanes help start both of those party bands. In 2014 I was introduced to Alex Boye, and Mimi Knowles Both big YouTube artist. , Cameron was featured in major music videos like Andy Grammer's "Back Home" and Alex Boye's "Shake It Off," which has over 1 million views. Currently, you can find Cameron with up and coming artists Joshy soul (and his new album "Vintage Dreamin"), you can find Cameron on drums with youtube star Alex Boyè which is his main job as well with David moon which is a new project that joshy soul as started. Cameron is very passionate about positive and always gives his success to God who’s 1st in his life as well as his family.