Brian Carter

Artist Details

  • Artist: Brian Carter
  • Since: October, 2014
  • Style: Jazz

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Brian Marcell Carter was born October 27th, 1984 in Miami, FL to a musician and a teacher. At a very young age he was exposed to music through his father who played guitar in a quartet group called “The Spiritualaires”. He was drawn to the drums at the age of three and by eleven he began to take the craft more seriously. During middle school, he was apart of the jazz band and wind ensemble under the direction of Bringle Cidel. With the opportunity to attend the highly competitive New World School of the Arts High School, he began to hone his skills and find his own rhythm playing in many ensembles and groups. While at New World, Brian was provided the opportunity to meet many fine teachers that would have pivotal roles in his development as a musician. As well as a few playing opportunities with the likes of greats such as Nestor Torres, Jim Gasior, Ed Calle, and Wynton Marsalis and the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra just to name a few. During his senior year, Brian had the opportunity to attend the International Association for Jazz Education in San Francisco, California. It was at this conference that Brian was blessed with the opportunity to meet and perform with New World for many legends and educators in music world. The performance that New World gave at the conference would help to earn Brian scholarship opportunities from many of the top music schools and conservatories in the country. In making the decision to attend college, Brian decided to attend Berklee College of Music of Boston, Massachusetts after being awarded a full scholarship. With the advantage of having family in Boston, he jumped right into the culture of Berklee and the vibrant music scene in the historic city. Many peers and teachers used him right away in recording projects, faculty ensembles and events. As a freshman, he was asked play in popular shows like singers night in the fall of 2002, singers showcase, the International Cultural Festival, the hip-hop jazz ensemble, and the Pat Metheney ensemble. As opportunities continued to arise, Brian learned many skills that would earn him playing opportunities to tour with up and coming artist such as Maya Rogers known as “AYAM”, The Lance Martin Band, become a band leader and recording musician, arranger and teacher. As musical director, he jumps at the opportunity to work with others that challenge his musicality, inspires him to arrange with passion, and help him to take his musical prowess to another level. Brian is a fantastic musician with tons of heart, will, and a strong desire to push the musical boundaries forward.