Anthony Stephens Jr

Artist Details

  • Artist: Anthony Stephens
  • Since: August, 2014
  • Style: Hip Hop & Gospel

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Hello everyone, My name is again Anthony Stephens Jr I am a drummer, writer and a musician who loves music and loves making music. I started playing drums at around the age of three and it has always been my first love. I have played for numerous artist in the Chicago land area and numerous choir and groups. I am currently the drummer for Aniba Hotep and the Sol Collective. We are embarking on a great adventures and im excited to be apart. I'm also endorsed with Trexist Cymbals, so i thank them for giving me the chance to show the world how great their products are. And I cant post this with out thanking my father who sits high and looks low he is the one who blessed me with this wonderful gift and i thank him everyday i open my eyes. Thank you God