Ana De Ferreira

Artist Details

  • Artist: Ana De Ferreira
  • Since: May, 2014
  • Style: Rock, Pop Rock

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I was born in 02/07/1988 and started playing drums when i was 17 in Petrópolis- RJ (Brasil) . One year later I moved to Rio de Janeiro and played in several "night bands" with different styles, including samba rock, pop rock, MPB and others.

I took classes with : Iury Garrido, Jorge Casagrande, Flávio Pascarillo and Rui Lessa Junior. Currently i do lessons with Joca Moraes. My influences range from Stevie Wonder to Pantera.

After playing so many styles, i think my Rock and Roll and Heavy Metal became a little bit diferent . I believe that this has given me some ideas to play Rock n Heavy in some modern (and brazilian) ways!

It was an honor when I was called to join the Trinnity in 2009 (Trinnity was a very active girl band in Rio in the year 2000) By this time , i introduced the double pedal to my kit.

I worked with the bands Ultra Super, Carols, Bruno Leon and Indiscipline. I’ve added recordings, clips and many shows to my “drumming story”. With Indiscipline i recorded the Ep "In my Guts" and I got to do 4-8 shows per month in 2014 in many parts of Rio de Janeiro.

Currently I am part of Melyra which is a female Heavy Metal band from Rio de Janeiro that is growing fast, we have received good invitations to shows and have also answered many interviews! At the beginning of February 2015 we were the opening band Arch Enemy at Circo Voador. "Catch me if you can" is the name of Melyra’s Ep, which was released in middle of 2014, at that time we released the video for "Silence" too.

I am endorsed with Trexist Cymbals USA and has been very gratifying to have their support! Last year i started to do my drum cover videos with Trexist Cymbals and the result was pretty cool, I want to do many others!

I joined the ranking of Heavy n Roll blog - the best drummers in 2014 with the work I’ve done in Indiscipline. From time to time i give some interviews for international blogs and I have had a really nice feedback from the public on my facebook page.

I also like Country rock very much and i play Cajon in Walk the line , which is an acoustic band Country Rock & Folk!