Alex Beaubien

Hello my name is Alex Beaubien I am a 20 year old drummer living out in Placentia California. Who has been drumming for around 5 plus years now. I have been in several bands and I am currently with one band right now however in my spare time. I enjoy doing fill ins because they give me the opportunity to broaden my horizons and allow me to spread my love music to more people. One of my favorite activities is playing live shows and getting to see all those people in the audience and be able to entertain them with my music. I was not always talented with the drums in fact it all started when I played Rockband and found my love of drums through there. I soon dedicated myself to learning reals drums and play real music. I would go to the local guitar center where I would play on the practice kits for hours on end day in and day out. Till I was eventually kicked out of the store because I had driven them nuts. I soon came across my very own kit and from then on my passion took off despite having horrible equipment and second rate drums and cymbals. I would still go out there and play my heart out to fulfill my passion. My first break came in the form of my endorsement by BLAK SKVL clothing company and now I have received my second endorsement from Trexist cymbals.